Hello from Cambodia

Firstly I’d like to welcome you to my new site which is all about exploring different ways of living. I am a little reluctant to refer to the site as alternative living because this immediately conjures up images of hippy retreats, flower power etc. There is way more to alt living than these dated preconceptions.

That’s not to say that ideas like shared communes will not be explored. It’s an open site after all and there are many different ways of living that I am going to be exploring to showcase to you.

Liblavi is also the continuation of my personal journey away from living a nine to five life and breaking free from the rat race.

My journey started back in 2005 when I moved away from the corporate world of London to pursue and location independent lifestyle. I created a blog called working nomad which I still update occasionally.

Thirteen years on and I am still living (and loving) a location independent life.

I am now looking for more of a base and with Brexit looming it seems the right time to find somewhere withing the EU. I have always thought I’d end up living in one of the warmer parts of Southern Europe and this looks like a good plan now.

I am due to fly back to the UK soon from Southeast Asia and will be looking to buy a campervan so I can explore many of places around Europe. I have always fancied the idea of vanlife as I amĀ  nomadic by nature and I enjoy travelling light.

I hope you enjoy following the next chapter of my life and I am sure you will get a lot out of my journey as well.

Most importantly I plan to inspire others to explore different lifestyles too.

Bye for now from Phnom Penh. Ant.


obligatory monk shot

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